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Sean and Krystle O'Brien are both US Navy Reservists, serving their country with pride and honor.

When they aren't serving, they are running and operating My Pristine Clean.

Krystle has owned a few small businesses in the past, went to college for Business Administration, and was gifted with an eye for detail in bootcamp over 8 years ago.

Sean served in the Navy and switched to the reserves in 2009. Since then he has attended the police academy, took classes for Administration of Justice, and continues to proudly own and operate My Pristine Clean.

My Pristine Clean opened its doors in April of 2014.

Since then, we have grown very quickly, have multiple crews running daily, have serviced over 5,000+ homes and offices in the Tri-state area, and plan to continue to grow!

After obtaining our professional certifications through ARCSI and ISSA, we have been able to train our staff members the proper techniques they need to succeed and whilst cleaning homes.

It is incredible how many "techniques" and algorithms that are involved in professional cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you supply your own cleaning supplies and chemicals?
    Yes, we do! We even give our customers the option of selecting what kinds of chemicals/solutions are used in their home whilst we clean it!

  • Do we have set cleaning days/times?
    For weekly and bi-weekly customers, we do set the priority of keeping them on the same days during each rotation (week/bi-week) We do try our best to arrive at the same time each visit, but do ask for a 1 hour window in case we encounter traffic/emergencies/life in between houses.

  • Are we going to have the same cleaner each time?
    This a question we get a lot. Your comfort level is paramount when it comes to inviting us into your home to clean. We do everything in our power to ensure the same cleaner comes to your home each visit. Life does happen, and sometimes our staff has to end their professional relationship with us, but in the rare occasion that would happen, you will be notified.

  • Do we have to crate our animals when you come?
    If your pet is friendly and you feel he/she will be OK with strangers in the house, we have no issues with Fido hanging out with us! Admittedly, we sometimes hold a stronger bond with our customers' pets than the customers themselves :)


Call or Text: 240-520-2263

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